World Test Championship final

The ICC Test title will be contested by India and Australia, currently tied on 1st position in the current ICC TEST ranking.

12 points for a win, four for a draw, and six for a tie

In the current cycle, teams will receive fixed points for each outcome: 12 points for a win, four for a draw, and six for a tie, regardless of the series length.

Point System

To determine the rankings and qualification for the final, a percentage-based system will be employed due to the varying lengths of the series.

Where is it?

The Oval, London.

When it is?

Wednesday, June 7 – Sunday, June 11

What about the session time?

SESSION TIMES (AEST) : – Morning session: 8pm-10pm – Lunch: 10pm-10.40pm – Afternoon session: 10.40pm-12.40am – Tea: 12.40am-1am – Evening session: 1am-3am

Is there any reserved Day?

it will have a reserve day. if required, but only if lost playing time from the scheduled 5 days could not be made up.

What about the Prize Money?

The team that wins the ICC World Test Championship Final 2023 will receive a purse of USD $1.6 million.