The 2023 NFL Season is almost here, and it will be a blast! This is when teams get all set to play against each other and show off their skills on the field.

You can expect exciting matches, incredible comebacks, and excellent performances as the best teams compete for victory.

The 2023 NFL games will be broadcast and streamed through various channels, allowing fans to catch all the action from their homes. Fans can expect coverage from popular networks such as NBC, CBS, ESPN, and Fox.

Streaming services like Prime Video and NFL Network may also provide live streaming options for specific games, allowing fans to access the games online.

NFL Season 2023 Schedule

Week 1

The 2023 NFL season is here with 18 weeks and 272 games. There are special game days like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and more prime-time matchups. CBS and Fox will focus on specific teams and conferences, and games can be flexed to “Monday Night Football” in the final weeks.

DateTime (ET)Home TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Sep 78:15 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsDetroit LionsNBC
Sep 101 p.m.Cleveland BrownsCincinnati BengalsCBS
Sep 101 p.m.Baltimore RavensHouston TexansCBS
Sep 101 p.m.Atlanta FalconsCarolina PanthersFox
Sep 101 p.m.Minnesota VikingsTampa Bay BuccaneersCBS
Sep 101 p.m.New Orleans SaintsTennessee TitansCBS
Sep 101 p.m.Washington CommandersArizona CardinalsFox
Sep 101 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsJacksonville JaguarsFox
Sep 101 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersSan Francisco 49ersFox
Sep 104:25 p.m.Chicago BearsGreen Bay PackersFox
Sep 104:25 p.m.New England PatriotsPhiladelphia EaglesCBS
Sep 104:25 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersMiami DolphinsCBS
Sep 104:25 p.m.Denver BroncosLas Vegas RaidersCBS
Sep 104:25 p.m.Seattle SeahawksLos Angeles RamsFox
Sep 108:20 p.m.New York GiantsDallas CowboysNBC
Sep 118:15 p.m.New York JetsBuffalo BillsESPN

Week 2

DateTime (ET)Home TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Sep 148:15 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota VikingsPrime Video
Sep 171 p.m.Atlanta FalconsGreen Bay PackersFox
Sep 171 p.m.Buffalo BillsLas Vegas RaidersCBS
Sep 171 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsBaltimore RavensCBS
Sep 171 p.m.Detroit LionsSeattle SeahawksFox
Sep 171 p.m.Houston TexansIndianapolis ColtsCBS
Sep 171 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsKansas City ChiefsCBS
Sep 171 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersChicago BearsFox
Sep 171 p.m.Tennessee TitansLos Angeles ChargersCBS
Sep 174:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsNew York GiantsFox
Sep 174:05 p.m.Los Angeles RamsSan Francisco 49ersFox
Sep 174:25 p.m.Dallas CowboysNew York JetsCBS
Sep 174:25 p.m.Denver BroncosWashington CommandersCBS
Sep 178:20 p.m.New England PatriotsMiami DolphinsNBC
Sep 187:15 p.m.Carolina PanthersNew Orleans SaintsESPN
Sep 188:15 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersCleveland BrownsABC

Week 3

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Sep 218:15 p.m.San Francisco 49ersNew York GiantsPrime Video
Sep 241 p.m.Baltimore RavensIndianapolis ColtsCBS
Sep 241 p.m.Cleveland BrownsTennessee TitansCBS
Sep 241 p.m.Detroit LionsAtlanta FalconsFox
Sep 241 p.m.Green Bay PackersNew Orleans SaintsFox
Sep 241 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansFox
Sep 241 p.m.Miami DolphinsDenver BroncosCBS
Sep 241 p.m.Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles ChargersFox
Sep 241 p.m.New York JetsNew England PatriotsCBS
Sep 241 p.m.Washington CommandersBuffalo BillsCBS
Sep 244:05 p.m.Seattle SeahawksCarolina PanthersCBS
Sep 244:25 p.m.Arizona CardinalsDallas CowboysFox
Sep 244:25 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsChicago BearsFox
Sep 248:20 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersPittsburgh SteelersNBC
Sep 257:15 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersPhiladelphia EaglesABC
Sep 258:15 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsLos Angeles RamsESPN

Week 4

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Sep 288:15 p.m.Green Bay PackersDetroit LionsPrime Video
Oct 19:30 a.m.Jacksonville Jaguars (London)Atlanta FalconsESPN+
Oct 11 p.m.Buffalo BillsMiami DolphinsCBS
Oct 11 p.m.Carolina PanthersMinnesota VikingsFox
Oct 11 p.m.Chicago BearsDenver BroncosCBS
Oct 11 p.m.Cleveland BrownsBaltimore RavensCBS
Oct 11 p.m.Houston TexansPittsburgh SteelersCBS
Oct 11 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsLos Angeles RamsFox
Oct 11 p.m.New Orleans SaintsTampa Bay BuccaneersFox
Oct 11 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesWashington CommandersFox
Oct 11 p.m.Tennessee TitansCincinnati BengalsFox
Oct 14:05 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersLas Vegas RaidersCBS
Oct 14:25 p.m.Dallas CowboysNew England PatriotsFox
Oct 14:25 p.m.San Francisco 49ersArizona CardinalsFox
Oct 18:20 p.m.New York JetsKansas City ChiefsNBC
Oct 28:15 p.m.New York GiantsSeattle SeahawksESPN

Week 5

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Oct 58:15 p.m.Washington CommandersChicago BearsPrime Video
Oct 89:30 a.m.Buffalo Bills (London)Jacksonville JaguarsNFL Network
Oct 81 p.m.Atlanta FalconsHouston TexansFox
Oct 81 p.m.Detroit LionsCarolina PanthersFox
Oct 81 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansCBS
Oct 81 p.m.Miami DolphinsNew York GiantsFox
Oct 81 p.m.New England PatriotsNew Orleans SaintsCBS
Oct 81 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore RavensCBS
Oct 84:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsCincinnati BengalsFox
Oct 84:05 p.m.Los Angeles RamsPhiladelphia EaglesFox
Oct 84:25 p.m.Denver BroncosNew York JetsCBS
Oct 84:25 p.m.Minnesota VikingsKansas City ChiefsCBS
Oct 88:20 p.m.San Francisco 49ersDallas CowboysNBC
Oct 98:15 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersGreen Bay PackersESPN

Week 6

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Oct 128:15 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsDenver BroncosPrime Video
Oct 159:30 a.m.Tennessee Titans (London)Baltimore RavensNFL Network
Oct 151 p.m.Atlanta FalconsWashington CommandersCBS
Oct 151 p.m.Chicago BearsMinnesota VikingsFox
Oct 151 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsSeattle SeahawksCBS
Oct 151 p.m.Cleveland BrownsSan Francisco 49ersFox
Oct 151 p.m.Houston TexansNew Orleans SaintsFox
Oct 151 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsIndianapolis ColtsCBS
Oct 151 p.m.Miami DolphinsCarolina PanthersCBS
Oct 151 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersDetroit LionsFox
Oct 154:05 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersNew England PatriotsCBS
Oct 154:25 p.m.Los Angeles RamsArizona CardinalsFox
Oct 154:25 p.m.New York JetsPhiladelphia EaglesFox
Oct 158:20 p.m.Buffalo BillsNew York GiantsNBC
Oct 168:15 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersDallas CowboysESPN

Week 7

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Oct 198:15 p.m.New Orleans SaintsJacksonville JaguarsPrime Video
Oct 221 p.m.Baltimore RavensDetroit LionsFox
Oct 221 p.m.Chicago BearsLas Vegas RaidersFox
Oct 221 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsCleveland BrownsCBS
Oct 221 p.m.New England PatriotsBuffalo BillsCBS
Oct 221 p.m.New York GiantsWashington CommandersCBS
Oct 221 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersAtlanta FalconsFox
Oct 224:05 p.m.Los Angeles RamsPittsburgh SteelersFox
Oct 224:05 p.m.Seattle SeahawksArizona CardinalsFox
Oct 224:25 p.m.Denver BroncosGreen Bay PackersCBS
Oct 224:25 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles ChargersCBS
Oct 228:20 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesMiami DolphinsNBC

Week 8

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Oct 198:15 p.m.New Orleans SaintsJacksonville JaguarsPrime Video
Oct 221 p.m.Baltimore RavensDetroit LionsFox
Oct 221 p.m.Chicago BearsLas Vegas RaidersFox
Oct 221 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsCleveland BrownsCBS
Oct 221 p.m.New England PatriotsBuffalo BillsCBS
Oct 221 p.m.New York GiantsWashington CommandersCBS
Oct 221 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersAtlanta FalconsFox
Oct 224:05 p.m.Los Angeles RamsPittsburgh SteelersFox
Oct 224:05 p.m.Seattle SeahawksArizona CardinalsFox
Oct 224:25 p.m.Denver BroncosGreen Bay PackersCBS
Oct 224:25 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles ChargersCBS
Oct 228:20 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesMiami DolphinsNBC
Oct 238:15 p.m.Minnesota VikingsSan Francisco 49ersESPN

Week 8

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Oct 268:15 p.m.Buffalo BillsTampa Bay BuccaneersPrime Video
Oct 291 p.m.Carolina PanthersHouston TexansFox
Oct 291 p.m.Dallas CowboysLos Angeles RamsFox
Oct 291 p.m.Green Bay PackersMinnesota VikingsFox
Oct 291 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsNew Orleans SaintsFox
Oct 291 p.m.Miami DolphinsNew England PatriotsCBS
Oct 291 p.m.New York GiantsNew York JetsCBS
Oct 291 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersJacksonville JaguarsCBS
Oct 291 p.m.Tennessee TitansAtlanta FalconsCBS
Oct 291 p.m.Washington CommandersPhiladelphia EaglesFox
Oct 294:05 p.m.Seattle SeahawksCleveland BrownsFox
Oct 294:25 p.m.Arizona CardinalsBaltimore RavensCBS
Oct 294:25 p.m.Denver BroncosKansas City ChiefsCBS
Oct 294:25 p.m.San Francisco 49ersCincinnati BengalsCBS
Oct 298:20 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersChicago BearsNBC
Oct 308:15 p.m.Detroit LionsLas Vegas RaidersESPN

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2023 NFL Preseason & Regular Season

Week 9

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Nov 28:15 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersTennessee TitansPrime Video
Nov 59:30 a.m.Kansas City ChiefsMiami Dolphins (Frankfurt)NFL Network
Nov 51 p.m.Atlanta FalconsMinnesota VikingsFox
Nov 51 p.m.Baltimore RavensSeattle SeahawksCBS
Nov 51 p.m.Cleveland BrownsArizona CardinalsCBS
Nov 51 p.m.Green Bay PackersLos Angeles RamsFox
Nov 51 p.m.Houston TexansTampa Bay BuccaneersCBS
Nov 51 p.m.New England PatriotsWashington CommandersFox
Nov 51 p.m.New Orleans SaintsChicago BearsCBS
Nov 54:05 p.m.Carolina PanthersIndianapolis ColtsCBS
Nov 54:25 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersNew York GiantsFox
Nov 54:25 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesDallas CowboysFox
Nov 58:20 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsBuffalo BillsNBC
Nov 68:15 p.m.New York JetsLos Angeles ChargersESPN

Week 10

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Nov 98:15 p.m.Chicago BearsCarolina PanthersPrime Video
Nov 129:30 a.m.New England PatriotsIndianapolis Colts (Frankfurt)NFL Network
Nov 121 p.m.Baltimore RavensCleveland BrownsFox
Nov 121 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsHouston TexansCBS
Nov 121 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsSan Francisco 49ersFox
Nov 121 p.m.Minnesota VikingsNew Orleans SaintsFox
Nov 121 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersGreen Bay PackersCBS
Nov 121 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee TitansCBS
Nov 124:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsAtlanta FalconsCBS
Nov 124:05 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersDetroit LionsCBS
Nov 124:25 p.m.Dallas CowboysNew York GiantsFox
Nov 124:25 p.m.Seattle SeahawksWashington CommandersFox
Nov 128:20 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersNew York JetsNBC
Nov 138:15 p.m.Buffalo BillsDenver BroncosESPN

Week 11

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Nov 168:15 p.m.Baltimore RavensCincinnati BengalsPrime Video
Nov 191 p.m.Carolina PanthersDallas CowboysFox
Nov 191 p.m.Cleveland BrownsPittsburgh SteelersCBS
Nov 191 p.m.Detroit LionsChicago BearsFox
Nov 191 p.m.Green Bay PackersLos Angeles ChargersFox
Nov 191 p.m.Houston TexansArizona CardinalsCBS
Nov 191 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsTennessee TitansCBS
Nov 191 p.m.Miami DolphinsLas Vegas RaidersCBS
Nov 191 p.m.Washington CommandersNew York GiantsFox
Nov 194:05 p.m.San Francisco 49ersTampa Bay BuccaneersFox
Nov 194:25 p.m.Buffalo BillsNew York JetsCBS
Nov 194:25 p.m.Los Angeles RamsSeattle SeahawksCBS
Nov 198:20 p.m.Denver BroncosMinnesota VikingsNBC
Nov 208:15 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsPhiladelphia EaglesESPN

Week 12

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Nov 2312:30 p.m.Detroit LionsGreen Bay PackersFox
Nov 234:30 p.m.Dallas CowboysWashington CommandersCBS
Nov 238:20 p.m.Seattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ersNBC
Nov 243 p.m.New York JetsMiami DolphinsPrime Video
Nov 261 p.m.Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans SaintsFox
Nov 261 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsPittsburgh SteelersCBS
Nov 261 p.m.Houston TexansJacksonville JaguarsCBS
Nov 261 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsTampa Bay BuccaneersCBS
Nov 261 p.m.New York GiantsNew England PatriotsFox
Nov 261 p.m.Tennessee TitansCarolina PanthersFox
Nov 264:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsLos Angeles RamsFox
Nov 264:05 p.m.Denver BroncosCleveland BrownsFox
Nov 264:25 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersKansas City ChiefsCBS
Nov 264:25 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesBuffalo BillsCBS
Nov 268:20 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersBaltimore RavensNBC
Nov 278:15 p.m.Minnesota VikingsChicago BearsESPN

Week 13

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Nov 308:15 p.m.Dallas CowboysSeattle SeahawksPrime Video
Dec 31 p.m.New England PatriotsLos Angeles ChargersCBS
Dec 31 p.m.New Orleans SaintsDetroit LionsFox
Dec 31 p.m.New York JetsAtlanta FalconsFox
Dec 31 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersArizona CardinalsCBS
Dec 31 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersCarolina PanthersCBS
Dec 31 p.m.Tennessee TitansIndianapolis ColtsCBS
Dec 31 p.m.Washington CommandersMiami DolphinsFox
Dec 34:05 p.m.Houston TexansDenver BroncosCBS
Dec 34:25 p.m.Los Angeles RamsCleveland BrownsFox
Dec 34:25 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesSan Francisco 49ersFox
Dec 38:20 p.m.Green Bay PackersKansas City ChiefsNBC
Dec 48:15 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsCincinnati BengalsESPN

Week 14

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Dec 78:15 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersNew England PatriotsPrime Video
Dec 101 p.m.Atlanta FalconsTampa Bay BuccaneersCBS
Dec 101 p.m.Baltimore RavensLos Angeles RamsFox
Dec 101 p.m.Chicago BearsDetroit LionsFox
Dec 101 p.m.Cincinnati BengalsIndianapolis ColtsCBS
Dec 101 p.m.Cleveland BrownsJacksonville JaguarsCBS
Dec 101 p.m.New Orleans SaintsCarolina PanthersFox
Dec 101 p.m.New York JetsHouston TexansCBS
Dec 104:05 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersMinnesota VikingsFox
Dec 104:05 p.m.San Francisco 49ersSeattle SeahawksFox
Dec 104:25 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsBuffalo BillsCBS
Dec 104:25 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersDenver BroncosCBS
Dec 108:20 p.m.Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia EaglesNBC
Dec 118:15 p.m.Miami DolphinsTennessee TitansESPN
Dec 118:15 p.m.New York GiantsGreen Bay PackersABC

Week 15

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Dec 148:15 p.m.Las Vegas RaidersLos Angeles ChargersPrime Video
Dec 171 p.m.Green Bay PackersTampa Bay BuccaneersFox
Dec 171 p.m.Miami DolphinsNew York JetsCBS
Dec 171 p.m.New Orleans SaintsNew York GiantsFox
Dec 171 p.m.Tennessee TitansHouston TexansCBS
Dec 174:05 p.m.Arizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ersCBS
Dec 174:05 p.m.Los Angeles RamsWashington CommandersCBS
Dec 174:25 p.m.Buffalo BillsDallas CowboysFox
Dec 174:25 p.m.Seattle SeahawksPhiladelphia EaglesFox
Dec 178:20 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsBaltimore RavensNBC
Dec 188:15 p.m.New England PatriotsKansas City ChiefsESPN
Dec 16/17TBDCarolina PanthersAtlanta FalconsTBD
Dec 16/17TBDCincinnati BengalsMinnesota VikingsTBD
Dec 16/17TBDCleveland BrownsChicago BearsTBD
Dec 16/17TBDDetroit LionsDenver BroncosTBD
Dec 16/17TBDIndianapolis ColtsPittsburgh SteelersTBD

Week 16

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Dec 218:15 p.m.Los Angeles RamsNew Orleans SaintsPrime Video
Dec 234:30 p.m.Pittsburgh SteelersCincinnati BengalsNBC
Dec 238:00 p.m.Los Angeles ChargersBuffalo BillsPeacock
Dec 241:00 p.m.Atlanta FalconsIndianapolis ColtsFox
Dec 241:00 p.m.Carolina PanthersGreen Bay PackersFox
Dec 241:00 p.m.Houston TexansCleveland BrownsCBS
Dec 241:00 p.m.Minnesota VikingsDetroit LionsFox
Dec 241:00 p.m.New York JetsWashington CommandersCBS
Dec 241:00 p.m.Tennessee TitansSeattle SeahawksCBS
Dec 244:05 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersJacksonville JaguarsCBS
Dec 244:25 p.m.Chicago BearsArizona CardinalsFox
Dec 244:25 p.m.Miami DolphinsDallas CowboysFox
Dec 248:15 p.m.Denver BroncosNew England PatriotsNFL Network
Dec 251:00 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsLas Vegas RaidersCBS/Nickelodeon
Dec 254:30 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesNew York GiantsFox
Dec 258:15 p.m.San Francisco 49ersBaltimore RavensABC

Week 17

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamBroadcasters
Dec 288:15 p.m.Cleveland BrownsNew York JetsPrime Video
Dec 308:15 p.m.Dallas CowboysDetroit LionsESPN/ABC
Dec 311:00 p.m.Baltimore RavensMiami DolphinsCBS
Dec 311:00 p.m.Buffalo BillsNew England PatriotsCBS
Dec 311:00 p.m.Chicago BearsAtlanta FalconsCBS
Dec 311:00 p.m.Houston TexansTennessee TitansFox
Dec 311:00 p.m.Indianapolis ColtsLas Vegas RaidersCBS
Dec 311:00 p.m.Jacksonville JaguarsCarolina PanthersCBS
Dec 311:00 p.m.New York GiantsLos Angeles RamsFox
Dec 311:00 p.m.Philadelphia EaglesArizona CardinalsFox
Dec 311:00 p.m.Tampa Bay BuccaneersNew Orleans SaintsFox
Dec 311:00 p.m.Washington CommandersSan Francisco 49ersFox
Dec 314:05 p.m.Seattle SeahawksPittsburgh SteelersFox
Dec 314:25 p.m.Denver BroncosLos Angeles ChargersCBS
Dec 314:25 p.m.Kansas City ChiefsCincinnati BengalsCBS
Dec 318:20 p.m.Minnesota VikingsGreen Bay PackersNBC

Week 18

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Jan 6TBDArizona CardinalsSeattle Seahawks
Jan 6TBDBaltimore RavensPittsburgh Steelers
Jan 7TBDCarolina PanthersTampa Bay Buccaneers
Jan 7TBDCincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns
Jan 7TBDDetroit LionsMinnesota Vikings
Jan 7TBDGreen Bay PackersChicago Bears
Jan 7TBDIndianapolis ColtsHouston Texans
Jan 7TBDLos Angeles ChargersKansas City Chiefs
Jan 7TBDLas Vegas RaidersDenver Broncos
Jan 7TBDMiami DolphinsBuffalo Bills
Jan 7TBDNew England PatriotsNew York Jets
Jan 7TBDNew Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons
Jan 7TBDNew York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles
Jan 7TBDSan Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Rams
Jan 7TBDTennessee TitansJacksonville Jaguars
Jan 7TBDWashington CommandersDallas Cowboys

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