The red and yellow cards in football are known to the majority of football fans. But last weekend, history was made in Portugal when a white card was used for the first time ever during a match between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon for the women’s cup.

What does this White card even mean?

This White card now has all the attention and everyone is eager to find out what it exactly is. This card was shown in between the match. The new effort started by Portugal’s National Plan for Ethics in Sport (PNED) states that fair play on the field is recognized by the use of the white card. Under the direction of the Portuguese Football Federation, the pilot project was put into practice in the Portuguese leagues (FPF).

A spectator in the crowd became unwell during the game. Both teams’ medical staff raced to the scene, and referee Catarina Campos issued them a white card. The crowd at the Estadio da Luz reacted favorably to the gesture, with many people applauding and cheering.

The card was presented to the medical teams as a token of appreciation for their kind and timely act.

Future for White card in Football:

The white card, which contrasts with the yellow and red cards that are used to punish players, has only been utilized by Portugal up to this point.

A new record in Portuguese women’s football was also set during the cup game. The number of attendees for the game was 15,032, breaking the previous record of 14,221 set in May of last year.

Since the rules and regulations governing the use of the white card have not yet been published, it is unknown as to why it was officially used during the match between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. More details on the application and effects of the white card are anticipated to be released soon.

According to reports, football associations want to provide more detailed information about the White card’s application in the near future. It has been suggested, according to BBC, that the card be used more frequently in games.


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