Tamires Cássia Dias de Britto, widely known as Tamires, is a prominent Brazilian football player who has made a significant impact in the world of women’s football. Hailing from Brazil, Tamires is recognized for her exceptional skills as a left-back, contributing to both her club, Corinthians, and the Brazil national team.

With a career spanning several years, Tamires has earned a reputation for her speed, dribbling ability, and precise crosses. Her achievements include being part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup-winning squad in 2019. Let’s explore the remarkable journey and accomplishments of this talented athlete.

Tamires Early Life

Tamires, born Tamires Cássia Dias de Britto on October 10, 1987, in Santo André, Brazil, displayed a passion for football from a young age. She embarked on her football journey as a budding talent, quickly ascending through the ranks of the Brazilian youth system.

Tamires’ dedication, determination, and natural talent caught the attention of football scouts, leading her to make her senior debut for São Paulo in 2007. It was during these formative years that Tamires laid the foundation for her future success in the world of women’s football.

Tamires Career

Tamires Career
  • Tamires began her professional career in 2007, making her senior debut for São Paulo.
  • She has played for several clubs throughout her career, including Santos, Corinthians, and Palmeiras.
  • Tamires has also been a prominent figure in the Brazil national team since 2010, representing her country in numerous international competitions.
  • With her clubs and country, Tamires has achieved great success, winning trophies such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019, the Copa América Femenina in 2018, and the Copa Libertadores Femenina in 2019.
  • Throughout her career, Tamires has showcased her versatility as a player, contributing both defensively and offensively.
  • She is known for her speed, dribbling ability, crossing skills, and powerful shots.
  • Tamires has accumulated an impressive number of appearances, goals, and assists for both her clubs and the Brazil national team.
  • Her performances on the field have earned her recognition as one of the best left-backs in the world.
  • Tamires is expected to play a crucial role in Brazil’s campaign at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, where the team aims to compete for the championship.

Tamires Career Stats

ClubAppearancesGoalsAssistsClean SheetsYellow CardsRed Cards
São Paulo781011360

Tamires Team In FIFA Womens World Cup

Tamires Team In FIFA Womens World Cup

Tamires is representing the Brazil national team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. She has been an integral part of the team’s journey in previous editions of the tournament. In the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Tamires played a crucial role as Brazil reached the knockout stage of the competition. Her performances as a left-back showcased her defensive prowess and ability to contribute to the team’s attacking plays. Tamires’ speed, dribbling skills, and accurate crosses were instrumental in creating scoring opportunities for her teammates. As Brazil competes in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Tamires will be looking to make a significant impact once again and help her team achieve success on the global stage.

Tamires Career Achievements 

Tamires Career Achievements 
2019FIFA Women’s World Cup – Winner
2018Copa América Femenina – Winner
2019Copa Libertadores Femenina – Winner
2021SheBelieves Cup – Runner-up
2022Brasileiro Women – Winner
2022CONMEBOL Libertadores Femenina – Runner-up
2023FIFA Women’s World Cup – Participating (ongoing)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tamires’s full name?

Tamires’s full name is Tamires Cássia Dias de Britto.

When and where was Tamires born?

Tamires was born on October 10, 1987, in Santo André, Brazil.

What position does Tamires play?

Tamires plays as a left-back.

Which team does Tamires currently represent?

Tamires currently represents Corinthians, a Brazilian football club.

Has Tamires played for the Brazil national team?

Yes, Tamires has represented the Brazil national team since 2010.

How many appearances and goals has Tamires made in her career?

Tamires has made 378 club appearances and scored 58 goals. For the Brazil national team, she has made 128 appearances and scored 14 goals.

Is Tamires participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

Yes, Tamires is representing Brazil in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

What is Tamires’s playing style?

Tamires is known for her speed, dribbling, crossing ability, and versatility on the field. She can contribute both defensively and offensively.

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